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Best Hair Products Enriched With Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose is a plant with yellow and pretty flowers. Although you don’t use it for decorating your house or garden, evening primrose and beauty have a lot in common. It excellently repairs and conditions your hair.

DIY: Use Evening Primrose Oil in Your Hair Care

  It contains three most valuable minerals – zinc, selenium and magnesium. It consist of 75% omega-6 fatty acids. Provides proper level of hydration of hair, strengthens it and regenerates even the strongest damages. It is all

An Alternative to Evening Primrose Oil? How About Avocado Oil That Millions of Women Fell in Love With?

  Evening primrose oil equals truly intensive and one of the finest hair repair therapies that nature gifted us with. For some people this beauty oil provides the only real solution to fix extremely damaged and miserable

Evening Primrose Oil. Common Plant – Valuable Oil

  Secret of beautiful hair lies… in the field! Sounds funny? You can’t believe it? Evening primrose is a small, common plant that can be found on almost every meadow. Out of over one hundred species found

Evening Primrose Oil: Remedy for High Porosity Hair

  Plants found in the regions of South America are worthy of attention. 120 species of primrose come from there. The oil extracted from the seeds of the most valuable species of this plant is commonly used